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Cloud Solutions

We are a progressive firm specialising in cloud based solutions. We provide comprehensive accounting and tax advisory services and a focus on driving our clients businesses forward through latest technology, automation and standardisation of processes. We pride ourselves on our efficiencies and working in partnership with our clients is important to us. With a focus on open communication, we provide carefully tailored services and thoughtful, commercial advice and support. Each of our clients has different needs and we put these at the forefront of our approach every time.


Another way to sign your tax returns and financials using a secure platform, throw away the printer, dismount the scanner, embrace the new technologies for seamless, secure digital signing. Simply follow the prompts and sign your life away. 


Beautiful software is their promise and boy do they deliver. Simple to use, easily accessible on the cloud and extremely affordable. Anyone can use it regardless of their structure and size. With many different plans, add-ons and functions you can run your business from anywhere at anytime.

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We care for our clients privacy which is why we use FYI documents to send out your correspondence via email. This ensures your information will stay safe as a secure link in your email that will require a two step authentication process to access your documents.

We like to keep it simple for our clients and how they provide us with their tax documents, so we use Snap Forms to create a thorough checklist that ensures no documents are missed and that we capture all tax deductions and relevant information. This can easily be accessed and completed on any device including your mobile phone. 

Head to our Contact Us page to find a QR code to either update your details with us, a checklist to upload your tax documents or if you are wanting to become a client of team BFA, we have a new form ready for you to fill out. This can be done on any device that accepts QR codes. 


Hubdocs is a software system (free to most Xero users) that extracts key information from your receipts, invoices and bills. No more data entry, no more filing. Simply take a photo of your receipt using Hubdoc mobile app and throw out the paper copy.  We can code this for you or you can log in and do it yourself, its too easy!

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